Golden Eagle Moving Services as just wrapped up 2015 – a very successful year for our company.


Golden Eagle’s revenue for the just completed year exceeded 6.2 million – our best year since 2008 – the year the recession hit and affected us significantly. Our trend has been upward ever since 2008, each year being a little bit better than the year before.


During 2015 Golden Eagle Moving Services was a participant in over 3000 long-distance moves, close to 3000 local moves and multiple warehousing and distribution activities. These activities utilized approximately 35 local movers, 13 long-distance movers and about 50 pieces of moving equipment such as tractors, trailers and trucks.
Our warehouse stored and handled approximately 5 million pounds of household goods and special products.

Long Distance Moving services



In 2015 Golden Eagle was once again recognized by United Van Lines with the coveted Customer Choice Award. This award has been existence for 23 years and Golden Eagle has been recognized with this award 20 of those 23 years. Two of our long-distance drivers were selected by United Van Lines as Drivers of the Month and our company received a Performance Excellence Award for low claims.United Van LinesProfitability

For 6 years Golden Eagle was essentially breaking even. We had to become more efficient just to survive. There were small profits in 2013 and 2014 and now for the first time since the recession, a reasonable profit was generated in 2015.