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Are you ready for your move? Someone might ask you that simple question, and you might think you’re totally good to go. But wait. Maybe you should think again. There are probably a few things that you need to get in order before you move that you forgot about.


The Golden Rule: Be Ready

It seems like a simple enough task, right? But on moving day, the most common thing we see is people not being ready for moving day.


When you’re not moving far, it’s tempting to think that no preparation is needed. You’ll save yourself time and money by doing simple things like throwing through closets, donating unwanted items, and emptying your refrigerator and freezer.  If you plan on doing your own packing, start early! Many people underestimate the time it takes to pack.  If you do not finish in time, of course we can help but you might not have budgeted for additional costs.  Be sure to contact your Golden Eagle Moving coordinator to let them know you did not finish.  We will be sure to bring out additional material to get you packed up.  Bottom line: be ready for your move, no matter how big or how small.  


Handle Your Most Important Items

Don’t get us wrong: we will keep a detailed inventory of your items. But when it comes to your passports, your valuables, or important legal papers, it’s a good idea to take these items with you to your final destination.   


Declutter Your Mess

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to organize your life. Moving gives you a great reason to go through all your things and decide what you should keep, and what you should toss. You can even choose some of your belongings that you won’t be needing and sell them, giving you a little extra cash flow for your move. Don’t move a cabinet full of things you don’t want, making it heavier and making your life and your mover’s life a lot harder.


Choose the Right Company

Always book a local moving company that is licensed in the state that you’re moving in. If you go with a mover that’s not licensed, they might also not be fully insured and up to standards when it comes to following state regulations.  This can cost you more money in the end if they don’t provide coverage for lost or damaged items – or in the event damage to your property occurs.  You want to make sure you select a trusted local moving company who will cover the cost of repair if they accidentally mark your wall.  Golden Eagle Moving is a local United Van Lines agent, who is fully licensed and insured.  Ask about your valuation and coverage options for your own protection.


Be Kind to Your Boxes

When you think of moving, you think of moving boxes, right? Well, think of them a lot more when you actually do move. If you are doing your own packing, be sure to fill your boxes completely and tape them shut.  When boxes aren’t full and are not completely closed, when stacked, it can cause heavier boxes to compress the other boxes that aren’t fully packed. 


Of course make sure your valuables are packed with plenty of cushion using paper or bubble wrap.  Golden Eagle Moving also has the sturdiest cartons for your move, if you would like to do your own packing.  But also another important point, is to label your boxes. This will make things easier to find and the movers can place the cartons in the correct room for you.

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