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We are here to move you. Information regarding COVID-19

Dear customer,

As we and the rest of the world watch the impact that the COVID-19 makes upon our lives, we know that communication remains of the utmost importance. We wanted to share with you how we’re staying committed to safety during these unprecedented times, and ensure you that your health is our top priority.

Will Our Services Be Interrupted?

We understand your concern. No matter what is going on in the world, you still have plans and need to move in or out of your home. Because of this, we have been classified as an essential business by the government. That means that we are still operating, and we will be there to help you while working together to conduct business safely.

What if I Need to Reschedule?

Should you need to reschedule for any COVID-19-related issues, don’t hesitate to call us. We will gladly reschedule our services, just contact us the evening before your scheduled move. From there, we will work together to find an answer that makes your situation as simple as possible. Should you be calling to reschedule an interstate move that prevents us from delivering,we can coordinate your items to be placed in a storage facility at cost. If you have any questions at all, your move coordinator is standing by ready to assist you.

What Measures are We Taking to Stay Safe?

We have always gone the extra mile to create a safe, comfortable moving experience. Now, maximizing safety is more important than ever, and we have added several extra measures to protect everyone involved.

Each and every one of our drivers and crew members have been trained in social distancing and hygiene practices put in place by the CDC and the WHO.

We are now strongly suggesting that in-home surveys are performed virtually, so you can make contact entirely through your phone or your tablet. We ask several questions of our customers, such as determining if they have recently traveled or show any signs of illness. Every day our workers are screened thoroughly before departing to the job site. Materials are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned upon each use. We are practicing social distancing while on the site, and keep six feet apart. We offer debris disposal services, where we can safely remove any materials you no longer want after the move.

Our drivers and crew members are provided masks to wear during your move, please ask us if you need one.

We are doing our part to ensure that each and every person practices guidelines that will keep them safe.  We believe that if we all work together, we can pull through this time even more united and connected than ever before.

There is no such thing as too many questions. If you have concerns, we want to hear them.

We are here to support you.

Thank you,
Golden Eagle Moving

United Van Lines