Warehousing and Distribution

In our modern, state-of-the art warehouse, Golden Eagle Moving Services provides extensive warehousing and distribution services. For example, hotels, restaurants and retirement facilities that are either under construction or being refurbished usually do not have room at the site for all of the fixtures and furnishings necessary to complete the project. At Golden Eagle Moving Services we can receive the fixtures and furnishings for these projects and then deliver them as needed to the construction site. We have  experiencewith warehousing and distribution including receiving and distributing product for various local restaurants, hotels and retirement facilities, as well as receiving and shipping product to hotels under construction in such locations as Palm Springs, Palm Desert, other locations in the Inland Empire, Hawaii and Dubai.


The types of product Golden Eagle Moving Services receives and distributes include:

  • Computers and other Electronic equipment
  • Personal, hotel and motel furniture
  • Hospital equipment
  • Store fixtures
  • Product ordered by phone, mail or Internet that cannot be delivered directly.

Some of our clients include Hilton Hotels, The Marriot Corporation,  Jersey Mikes, Jimmy Johns, Victoria’s Secret, The Gap, Banana Republic, Express Stores,  Abercrombie and Fitch, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Justice, Old Navy, Radio Shack, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Jack in the Box, Applebees, Mimi’s Café, Firestone, Fresenius Medical Center, numerous retirement facilities and many others.

Golden Eagle Moving Services is also a distribution warehouse for Girl Scouts cookies, nuts and candy. Each year we receive these items into our warehouse and then distribute them to the local Girl Scout troops.

Golden Eagle Moving Services has a fleet of air-ride moving vans, equipped with lift gates, moving blankets and all the equipment necessary to move high value and blanket wrap loads. Our drivers and helpers can professionally handle any valuable product. Golden Eagle Moving Services is fully prepared to provide special handling for any item that is too delicate or sensitive to be moved as common freight.