Clean and Secure Containerized Storage

As part of our moving and storage services, Golden Eagle Moving Services provides container storage in our modern, state of the art warehouse in Upland, California. Storage can be long term or short term depending on the moving and storage needs of individual customers.

When we pick up storage in our Southern California service area, we bring large wooden containers to your residence and load your belongings into these containers. These storage containers are then moved to our safe and secure warehouse in Upland where they remain until you are ready for delivery to your residence.

 Containerized Storage  

We take great pride in taking care of your belongings. Our experienced employees are trained   to make your moving and storage experience pleasant and even fun with their positive attitudes and sense of humor. Our storage warehouse is alarmed, sprinklered, regularly serviced for pest control, and always clean and organized. Due to concrete tilt-up construction the warehouse temperature is always moderate.

The advantage to container storage is that your belongings are only handled twice – once when the storage containers are loaded and once when delivery occurs.

Golden Eagle Moving Services can also receive storage from anywhere in the world or arrange for storage in any part of the world through our network of United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit agents. We regularly receive storage from other parts of the United States and various international locations. When storage is received from other parts of the United States it generally arrives in a moving van and is then placed in storage containers in our warehouse. When you are ready for delivery these storage containers are moved by moving van to your residence and unloaded at the residence. When storage is received from other parts of the world it is already in wooden containers that are then delivered directly to your residence when you are ready.

Some items such as long sofas and ladders will not fit in storage containers. These items are stored separately on storage racks in our warehouse. Certain items must remain in a certain position and are not conducive to container storage. Tempur-Pedic mattresses, for example, must remain flat and some types of upholstered furniture should only be stored on their feet.  These items are stored on storage racks with mattresses packed in cardboard containers and upholstered furniture wrapped with shrink-wrap.


 Containerized Storage