So you’re moving…

So you are moving and you’re wondering if you picked the right company to help. Moving is a very stressful time and one that you may not necessarily be ready for. However you are moving and you need to get things together so it can run smoothly. You want only the best moving company to handle your belongings.

First things First!

First, you need to make some decisions. Are you going to pack your belongings yourself, or do you want a professional moving company to do it? Are you going to rent a moving truck yourself (as most people do) or pick the best moving company to handle your belongings? These are some ways to save money, to be sure, but it also can help you not to be too busy during this time.

So You’ve Made Some Decisions…

So you made a decision to go with the professional moving company. That’s one less decision to make, but there are far more than that single decision to make. How much of this packing do you want to do? For sure, if you want to move and disconnect some appliances (such as your stove or your refrigerator) it will save you some money. So there are more decisions to make. So now that you have decided to go with a moving company, how do you know you’ve picked a great one? There are 5 signs that you have picked a good one (or a great one).

5 Signs

1. They are nice and courteous and can confirm the scheduled date and time.

Professionalism is important to any job, but especially when moving things that are not your own. Being super helpful during a time like this makes it easier. Moving is a major pain but having someone to help and talk you through it helps.

2. They respect your decisions. There are plenty of decisions to make while moving.

What box goes where, who will transport what and do we have enough supplies to make packing simpler? It is mentally and physically exhausting to pack, no matter what size of a house you have. You can have the most simple house, but packing can be a big hassle.

3. Dependability.

This is very important since you might have a time and a date to be there at your new residence and maybe a new job. So it is very important to be able to rely on your moving company to get you loaded up and off to your new home.

4. They respect your time.

It is great to show up on time (as with any job, not just movers). It’s prudent to leave enough time to travel to wherever you’re going.

5. Last but not least, they take care of your belongings.

They want to do a good job and have it done to the best they can. They are liable so they take the best care possible of things too.