It goes without saying that making an international move can be an extraordinarily stressful time, requiring literally a life-changing upheaval in every aspect of an individual and their family’s life.

The last thing anyone needs when going through such an undertaking is needlessly worrying about the logistics of transporting their possessions and valuables to their new home; which is where hiring a professional moving company can really reap rewards.

International Mover

The Complications & Requirements Of International Moving

Every international moving project is unique. Not only do entry and customs requirements vary enormously between destination countries, but also the items being placed into transit will often have unique characteristics and requirements that demand specialist care.

Depending upon the location the style of freight to be used is important, as both land, sea and even air have their various merits and disadvantages. Overseas projects will almost always require sea freight, which can be a major logistic challenge depending upon the size and especially the weight of the items to be transported. Removals across the Americas are often better by land, however again this may not necessarily be practical depending upon the load and distance; whereas occasionally air freight is best where speed is of paramount importance. Often multiple forms of transit will need to be employed at various stages of the journey, adding further to the importance of having watertight logistical planning.

Some countries may levy taxes and have specific custom legislation on certain imported items, especially high value collectibles, antiques, culturally sensitive items and those which may be deemed ‘goods’ rather than ‘possessions’. Ensuring belongings are smoothly processed through customs is essential to the move, as is also ensuring packaging is highly secure and appropriately labelled/registered during transit to reduce risk of accidental damage or even theft.

The good news is that while this may seem daunting there are five essential preparations that people can undertake before their move that can make the process substantially less stressful.

The Five Necessary Preparations For International Moving

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1) Dispose Of Clutter & Conduct A Thorough Inventory

International moving is a great opportunity to get rid of the clutter and unnecessary baggage that accumulates over the years, so take the time to dispose of anything that is no longer needed or can be easily and inexpensively replaced upon arrival at the destination. Plenty of items are likely resell-able, and the funds generated used to help offset the cost of the relocation.

Well before the move carry out a detailed inventory that records every item to be placed into transit. Not only will this be useful upon arrival to check everything is in order, but it can also help with negotiating suitable insurance at a fairer price too.

2) Discuss The Move With A Professional Survey

As mentioned above every move is unique, and having settled upon a moving company they should be expected to conduct a thorough professional assessment of the move and it’s particular logistics. Done properly this is far more than a ‘ball-park’ figure arrived at within a few minutes, it ought to be detailed and comprehensively explained with regards to distance, transit methods/options, regional requirements and any special circumstances. Having the detailed inventory outlined above will likewise help with calculating the price and assessing the practicalities of the move too.

3) Explore & Understand Customs/Insurance Requirements

A professional removals company can really help with this, especially when moving to a more exotic or unusual destination. Usually embassies will be able to provide any information required for guidance on the importation of specialist or unusual items into their home territory; and should this be required try to receive written confirmation of any information relayed. Some items may require specialist labeling should they be potentially hazardous/fragile during transit, so if needed ensure that the operator will satisfactorily label these items/containers in accordance to international transit rules. Remember that the value and destination of the load will likely play a major role in negotiating insurance costs, so consider using specialist broker services in exceptional circumstances.

4) Prepare A Detailed Timetable

It’s not unusual for international moves to sometimes face unforeseeable delays – for example inclement weather affecting sea routes, delays with loading/unloading and a myriad of other possibilities. However keeping a close track on the expected timetable for when and where the load will be at certain times is essential for keeping the move organized, especially for forwarding agents in the destination country awaiting a sea or air transit. A professional removals team will handle all this on their client’s behalf, while also usually taking legal responsibility as the named importer of the load.

5) Pack Wisely

In the majority of international moves clients will arrive at their destination well before their possessions, so where possible try to ensure that essential items such as clothing/medication/documentation etc. are taken as personal luggage rather than packed into transit. In regards to high value items such as jewelry it’s sensible to take these also but bear in mind there may be restrictions on such items at international customs (the same is true for cash).

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