Moving companies generally define a move of 100 miles or less as a local move.

Choose your local mover
One of the most critical things to remember when choosing a mover is to not wait until the last moment. It is recommended that you hire your mover at least a week or two before the move date. If you don’t (particularly during the summer months) you might not be able to hire a mover for the move date ou need. You can search for moving companies through the business listings on various Internet search engines, or by taking references from friends and peers. You can also get online quotes from different moving companies.

Do some Research
When you get quotes, it is recommended that you do some research about the latest average pricing for these services in Southern California so you can see whether you are being offered a reasonable price or not.

Beware of unusually low quotes
If any service is considerably less expensive than others, there may be a reason behind it. Beware of a price that seems unrealistic, and investigate it to figure out what sort of moving service you’ll actually be getting. It is possible they don’t understand your move, there are hidden costs, additional charges will be added at the end of the move or the company has a bad reputation.

Ask for references
Asking for references is advisable when evaluating the reliability of a moving company before making any decision. A professional mover will gladly provide references from satisfied customers. But keep in mind that the some companies can also provide fake references so make your decision wisely.

Make the Right Choice
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