Almost everyone is familiar with Girl Scout Cookies which are sold each year in January and February. For the last 25 years Golden Eagle Moving Services has participated in the warehousing and distribution of Girl Scout cookies for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. We are one of more than a dozen moving companies that assist with cookie distribution in the Southern California area

Warehousing and Distribution

This year we will receive approximately 75,000 cases of Girl Scout cookies into our warehouse, and will distribute these cases of cookies to local neighborhoods called service centers. Individual Girl Scout troops come to these service centers and pick up cookies that they have presold to their family and friends. Each service center selects a central location like a school, church, or business parking lot for the initial distribution. Some of the troops come to our warehouse to pick up the cookies and our local moving crews deliver the rest to the central locations selected by each service center. After the initial distribution, Girl Scout troops are encouraged to sell additional cookies outside stores and other businesses for almost a month after the initial distribution. There are several “Cupboards” where individual troops can pick up more cookies to sell and we keep these “Cupboards” well stocked.

Girl Scout Cookies
A lot of Cookies

There are 12 boxes of cookies in each case and approximately 20 cookies per box so we are distributing in excess of 900,000 boxes and18 million cookies. And we are only one of more than a dozen moving companies in Southern California working with the Girl Scouts. Considering Girl Scout cookies are sold all over the country, the total number of cookies sold is astronomical.

A lot of Money

Each carton of cookies is sold for $5.00. The retail value of 900,000 boxes of cookies handled by our moving company is approximately 4.5 million dollars. When you consider that our involvement is only a small slice of the cookies sold nationwide it is not hard to understand that the revenue generated by the sale of Girl Scout cookies exceeds the sales of any other brand of cookies during the first quarter of the year, every year.

boxes of cookies